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Jake BlumbergMay 29, 2024 10:33:49 PM5 min read

How to Host a Successful Chipotle Fundraiser

How to Host a Successful Chipotle Fundraiser

How to Host a Successful Chipotle Fundraiser for Inchy's Bookworm Vending Machine

Jake Blumberg 

If you’re looking for a delicious way to support Inchy's Bookworm Vending Machine, a Chipotle fundraiser could be the perfect solution. Fundraisers at Chipotle are not only easy to set up but also offer a generous return, with 25% of event sales donated back to your cause. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to maximize donations and ensure a successful event.

Table of Contents:

Chipotle Fundraiser

Getting Started With a Chipotle Fundraiser

Application Process:

  • Select Date and Location: Choose a few potential dates and the most accessible Chipotle location for your supporters.
  • Apply Online: Fill out the Chipotle Fundraiser Request form. You will need your organization’s tax ID number (EIN) and details about your cause. Apply at least three weeks in advance to allow for processing time​ (Chipotle Community Roots)​​ (Tidbits of Experience)​.
  • Approval: Chipotle will review your application and notify you of approval. They will provide you with promotional materials, including flyers and a unique code for online orders.

Event Guidelines:

  • No In-Restaurant Promotions: Maintain the dining experience for all customers by avoiding active solicitation inside the restaurant.
  • Order Inclusion: Ensure supporters mention the fundraiser at checkout or use the unique code for online orders to count towards your fundraiser​ (Chipotle Community Roots)​​ (Chipotle)​.

How to Promote the Event


Utilize Social Media

  • Create a Facebook Event: Make it public to reach a broader audience. Include all necessary details about the fundraiser and encourage sharing​ (Chipotle Community Roots)​.
  • Post on Other Platforms: Use Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms to spread the word. Utilize the marketing materials provided by Chipotle.


Email Campaigns

  • Send Email Blasts: Use the templates provided by Chipotle to send emails to your contacts, ensuring they are aware of the event and how to participate.


  • Distribute and Display Flyers: Hand out or electronically distribute the flyers provided by Chipotle in high-traffic areas like schools, community centers, and local businesses​ (Tidbits of Experience)​.


How to Ensure High Turnout

Personal Invitations

  • Invite Friends and Family: Personally invite your network and encourage them to bring others.
  • Use Facebook Invites: Leverage the invite feature on your Facebook Event page to reach more people.

Regular Reminders

  • Social Media Posts: Regularly post reminders about the event on all social media platforms.
  • Follow-Up Emails: Send reminder emails as the event date approaches to keep it top of mind.

Engage Local Influencers

  • Involve Community Leaders: Engage local influencers and community leaders to promote the event to their followers.

How to Collect Funds


In-Store Purchases

  • Mention Fundraiser at Checkout: Ensure participants mention the fundraiser when ordering in-store. The receipt should indicate the purchase is part of the fundraiser.

Online Orders

  • Use Unique Code: Supporters can order online for pick-up using the unique code provided during the fundraiser hours​ (Chipotle Community Roots)​​​.

Post-Event Process

  • Receive Results: Within 48 hours after the event, Chipotle will email you the results detailing the total sales and the amount raised.
  • Fund Distribution: Chipotle will send a check for 25% of the total sales, provided the event meets the minimum sales requirement of $150. The check is usually mailed within 30-45 days after the event​ (Chipotle Community Roots)​​​.

Typical Earnings

The average earnings from a Chipotle fundraiser can vary based on the number of participants and their spending. On average, fundraisers generate $600 to $1,400 in total event sales, resulting in checks ranging from $150 to $350. The success of the fundraiser heavily depends on effective promotion and turnout​ (Chipotle Community Roots)​.

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Tips to Maximize Donations

1. Promote Early and Often:

  • Start promoting your fundraiser as soon as it is approved. This gives your supporters plenty of time to plan to attend​ (Chipotle Community Roots)​​​.
  • Utilize all available channels such as social media, email newsletters, community bulletin boards, and flyers to spread the word. Consistent and varied promotion can significantly increase awareness and participation​ (Tidbits of Experience)​.

2. Engage and Mobilize Your Community:

  • Personally invite friends, family, and community members. Encourage them to bring along friends and family to support the cause​​.
  • Reach out to local influencers, community leaders, or local celebrities to promote your event. Their endorsement can attract a larger audience​ (Chipotle Community Roots)​.

3. Maximize Convenience for Supporters:

  • Emphasize the availability of online ordering using the unique fundraiser code. This allows people who cannot attend in person to still support your fundraiser​​​ (We Raise Together)​.
  • Send reminders through emails, text messages, and social media posts as the event date approaches. This keeps your fundraiser top of mind for your supporters​ (Chipotle Community Roots)​.

4. Create a Sense of Urgency and Importance:

  • Clearly communicate why the fundraiser is important and how the funds will be used. Share compelling stories or testimonials about the impact of Inchy's Bookworm Vending Machine on students' reading habits​​​ (Chipotle Community Roots)​.
  • Set fundraising goals and share progress updates. This creates a sense of urgency and encourages more people to participate and help reach the target​ (We Raise Together)​.

5. Optimize Fundraiser Day Operations:

  • Have a team of volunteers to help manage the event, answer questions, and ensure everything runs smoothly. This helps create a positive experience for attendees​ (Chipotle Community Roots)​​
  • Ensure all your promotional materials clearly state the unique code and instructions on how to use it for online orders. Display these instructions prominently at the event​ (Tidbits of Experience)​.

6. Follow Up After the Event:

  • After the event, thank all participants and share the results of the fundraiser. Expressing gratitude helps build a loyal supporter base for future fundraisers​ (Chipotle Community Roots)​​ (Chipotle Community Roots)​.
  • Follow up with updates on how the funds raised are being used. This reinforces the impact of their contributions and encourages ongoing support​ (We Raise Together)​.

By following these steps and actively promoting your event, you can maximize the funds raised for Inchy's Bookworm Vending Machine through a Chipotle fundraiser. Happy fundraising!


Jake Blumberg

Jake Blumberg is the Director of Innovation at and a founding member of the book vending team. He collaborates with strategic partners to increase children's access to books through Inchy's Bookworm Vending Machine. Jake is dedicated to making reading engaging and accessible, transforming the way schools and communities promote literacy.